The wood.

The best pieces of eucalyptus are selected to meet the most stringent requirements on the market.


The kiln.

The wood goes through the kiln, a system that reduces impact on the environment.


The charcoal.

The product, after long and careful production, is robustly packaged and marketed.


The experience.

The charcoal comes to your home, positively transforming the quality of your barbecue.


A Lump Charcoal

With experience in the forestry sector acquired over the last 3 decades, with experience in charcoal production for the last 10 years and the expertise of retail and wholesale trade in the Brazilian and US markets, BoB-Q was created with the objective to exploit the increasing demand for residential charcoal in both Brazil and the US.

With a rigorous supplier certification process, BoB-Q guarantees a product originated from eucalyptus planted forests, supplied by companies that respect the strictest social and environmental relations in the production process.

BoB-Q is born with the highest technology in the process of selection, packaging and distribution, with high calorific value and with the guarantee of controlled origin.

BoB-Q is born with the highest technology in the process of selection, packaging and distribution of charcoal, with high calorific value and guarantee of controlled origin.


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