5 seasoning tips for a good barbecue become great

A great barbecue isn’t complete without a good sauce, or a really impressive seasoning. Many people think that season the meat isn’t necessary, actually they are kind of right. A normal barbecue is complete with normal sauces, but a great barbecue requires seasoned meat. It’s a little easier to make a grilled beef taste better just with bought spices, on the other hand preparing your own spices can increase your fame as a great cook. Here we bring some ideas to improve your barbecue style of cook by using different spices.

Garlic & Onion

Although this two may pass unnoticed by many people, they have a very strong power to add flavor into food. Almost every type of food can be seasoned with them, from red meat to seafood. Together with salt, is possible to provide an incomparable taste to any meat. But is also important to pay attention, you probably won’t like to add too much of them on your food.

There’s a simple Homemade Garlic & Onion Seasoning recipe, check:


400g of Garlic
2 onions media
150ml of oil or oil
1 tablespoon of salt

1 – To peel garlic more easily, leave it for 3 hours in a bowl of water.
2 – Then peel the garlic and cut the onion into small pieces.
3 – Add the garlic with the onion and divide into 4 parts (this makes it easier to beat).
4 – In a blender, place the oil, salt and a part of the onion and garlic.
5 – Beat until everything is crushed and add the rest little by little, until it forms a creamy mixture.


Cinnamon may not be so conventional when it comes to barbecue, but it can surprise you. In case you don’t know, this spice has a woody warm taste that provide some slightly sweet and yet pungent flavor. In our subject, barbecue, small doses can pull a delightful sweet taste which matches to smokier flavor blends. Be aware to not exaggerate.


A spicy taste is always a good idea. Its use is very similar to salt’s, their primary function is to accentuate food’s flavor. The difference between them is that pepper also adds an interesting heat and a little more of depth into the flavor. Remember that are a really impressive variety of pepper and peppercorn also, so choose the type you like the most and don’t forget to try new ones.


This seasoning is very common at cooking universe. That’s due to its light flavor and ability to add depth and intensity to the flavor, which is our goal here. It’s a little sweet and hot, but in the right measure to increase your dishes taste. Try to mix it with some salty and stronger flavors, such as garlic.

Dried Herbs

Thyme, rosemary, cumin, oregano and parsley are great examples of herbs that you can include on your next grocery list. These seasoning are best been used to marinate the meat, it will put a lot of flavor and make it smell wonderful. Another way to use them is with salt directly on the process to cook the barbecue. Always make sure your dried herbs are fresh as possible, because they lose their flavor over time.

Bonus tip

Cook is about experimenting and discovering new flavors. With that said, you can also mix up some of that and other spices to achieve a surprising tastes. Without doubt, your family and friends will be amazed by your creations.
With all this tips, you’ll be able to cook a great barbecue. For even better results, use BOB-Q Charcoal, the best charcoal on the market. Taste your food, not the fuel.A good barbecue can, and should, have delicious vegan foods. There’s a lot of options to your vegan guests that want to enjoy the moment with friends and family. Thinking about that, we find 10 vegan recipes to your next bbq. Check out.