About Us

Our history

With experience in the forestry sector acquired over the last 3 decades, with experience in charcoal production for the last 10 years and the expertise of retail and wholesale trade in the Brazilian and US markets, BoB-Q was created with the objective to exploit the increasing demand for residential charcoal in both Brazil and the US.

With a rigorous supplier certification process, BoB-Q guarantees a product originating from eucalyptus forests planted for charcoal production, supplied by companies that respect the strictest social and environmental relations in the production process.

BoB-Q is born with the highest technology in the process of selection, packaging and distribution of charcoal, with high calorific value and with the guarantee of controlled origin of charcoal.




Bob-Q charcoal originates from the eucalyptus floral production process, which is monitored from seedling formation in nurseries to forest formation, floral production, cutting, harvesting, preparation and carbonization. In a cycle of more than 7 years, suppliers are visited at all stages of the charcoal production process to ensure high quality and environmentally friendly products.

With a rigorous supplier selection process, BoB-Q selects products recognized by communities as generators of social welfare and environmental respect.

BOB-Q Lump Charcoal has been awarded a regulatory certificate by IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources. This certification guarantees that our charcoal is produced according to the guidelines of local environmental authorities.