Barbecue Calculator: The perfect amount of charcoal to your BBQ

Holding a beautiful barbecue with family and friends is always amazing, the moment of fraternization is worth the effort. However, before reaching the great day, it’s very important to get organized to buy the correct amount of meat and charcoal that will be consumed. Therefore, to provide more convenience for your next barbecue, BOB-Q brings you the barbecue calculator. Simply define the amount of guests and select which types of meat the calculator will display the amount to be purchased.

In addition, you can also indicate on BOB-Q’s barbecue calculator the value of the pounds of each meat, so that it will also display the final purchase price. Another feature to make your barbecue even easier is that it also calculates the amount of drink that must be purchased, both beer and soft drinks, in addition to calculating exactly how much BOB-Q’s lump charcoal you will need.

Now just invite your friends and prepare a great barbecue!


The Barbecue Calculator by BOB-Q:


Homens   Mulheres
Crianças   Quantas pessoas irão beber?
O que será servido?
Selecione os produtos que serão servidos no churrasco. Você pode alterar o valor e a quantidade deles o quanto quiser.
Os preços iniciais propostos são: carne bovina (contra filé / alcatra), linguiça (toscana), frango (asinha), petiscos (amendoim), cerveja (Skol) e refrigerante (Coca Cola).
    Qtde. Kg/L Valor unit. Kg/L Valor total
Carne bovina
Queijo coalho
Pão de alho
Saco de carvão BOB-Q 2,5Kg

  Valor total    

BOB-Q, besides being an experienced company in the field of charcoal, and having in its mission the care with sustainability maintaining an ecological manufacturing process, also thinks about practical ways to make your life easier and your barbecue. Stay tuned on our blog, there are always contents related to the barbecue around here!