Brazil Expo Florida: Bob-Q is one of the main attractions.

Brazil Expo Florida is the largest business fair promoted by the brazilian community in South Florida and will hold its second edition on September 28th with []

Coming Soon: The best charcoal available in the United States.

Your barbecue with family and friends will be even better with Bob-Q products! Beginning in November, Americans will have the opportunity to discover the best charcoal []

The Bob-Q company works in partnership with Agropecuária Jogil’s Wood Treatment Plant.

Bob-Q charcoal is developed through eucalyptus forestry production and has been accompanied since seedling formation in the nurseries. Agropecuaria Jogil’s Wood Treatment Plant is the most []

For the best Charcoal, the best Firelighter.

One of the biggest errors a cook can make is to light his charcoal with an inappropriate fluid, such as alcohol or oil. These products are []