For the best Charcoal, the best Firelighter.

One of the biggest errors a cook can make is to light his charcoal with an inappropriate fluid, such as alcohol or oil. These products are dangerous, harmful to the environment, produce unnecessary smoke and do nothing to aid in providing a constant flame. One dangerous characteristic of liquid alcohol when used to ignite charcoal is the sudden flame-up when lit. This can be serious safety hazard for the cook.

 The correct choice of a quality charcoal is fundamental for a good barbecue. But how you light your charcoal is just as important. Therefore, we present the BOB-A Fixed Charcoal Activator, which is made of sawdust and cellulose; materials that burn intensely for up to 10 minutes, assuring you the proper start to your grilling enjoyment!


How to firelight?

Typically, lighting a grill can be a complex process. There are many ways to do so, such as solid alcohol, paper soaked with oil, and other methods. Even though these methods can be effective, they change the taste of your barbecue and may cause severe accidents. 


That’s why we offer you, to go along with the best charcoal, the best firelighter! With BOB-Q Firelight, all the hard work become easier. Simply place the firelighter in between the charcoal lumps, set fire and wait for charcoal to ignite! In a few minutes your meal can be cooked safely and with exceptional flavor.¬†