What is the process of natural charcoal production and how to use it?

In our last publication, “What is the ideal charcoal quantity for my barbecue?”, we explained that to choose the ideal charcoal it is necessary to observe some specific characteristics, like the production, a factor that determines the quality of the product and its performance.

Coal is a fossilized wood found underground. In the process of becoming a fossil, the coal produces complex substances, such as sulfur. For that reason, coal is often termed the heaviest polluter of all fossil fuels. It is harmful to the environment, from the extraction process to the actual burning of the coal.

However, charcoal can also be produced using sustainable, reforested eucalyptus trees, which causes minimal environmental impact. This process begins in the planting of the eucalyptus forest. This process allows us to choose the best trees for harvesting. These trees are then transported and charred in an ecological burning kiln. After a long and rigorous production process, the final product is packaged and delivered to distribution centers of our charcoal.

Our Bob-Q Charcoal is made from eucalyptus forests, with little impact on nature, making it sustainable. It also has all national certifications, and we care about every single step of the process, from sourcing to shipping. We value our relationship with the community, and pride ourselves on our contributions to the local economies.

Bob-Q charcoal originates from the eucalyptus floral production process, which is monitored from seedling formation in nurseries to forest formation, floral production, cutting, harvesting, preparation and carbonization. In a cycle of more than 7 years, suppliers are visited at all stages of the charcoal production process to ensure high quality and environmentally friendly products.

With a rigorous supplier selection process, BoB-Q selects products recognized by communities as generators of social welfare and environmental respect.

BOB-Q charcoal is offered in three different package sizes, 8.8lbs., 20lbs. and 35lbs.