Why BOB-Q will make your homemade bbq a top notch experience

Reading this article there is a big chance of you buying a great quality charcoal for your barbecue. If you don’t  know yet, BOB-Q Lump Charcoal is made out from 100% Natural Reforested Eucalyptus. Very popular in most of Latin American cultures and some other regions all over the world, hardwood lump charcoal is also used in most of Brazilian Rodizio Steakhouses. With a lot of attention to the production process BOB-Q Lump Charcoal is a Super Premium product that will provide you with a unique experience on your barbecue.

Also, you are probably wondering why you should choose BOB-Q Lump Charcoal instead of the traditional briquettes and the answer is actually quite simple: Even though they have major differences the taste of the food is the one that really makes an impact on your decision.


Lump Charcoal vs. Briquettes

Lump Charcoal has on its simplicity one  of the main reasons to provide a better quality product. It is hardwood turned into charcoal. You can actually produce Lump Charcoal in your own backyard if you are interested in the process. There are no vegetable oil or starch binder added to the product, it is just good hardwood char carrying lots of flavor and producing minimal ash.

Some people see Lump Charcoal irregular shape as a disadvantage but it actually could be used in a smart way when grilling. Because two pieces of lump charcoal will never be the same size or shape you are able to control and manipulate your fire accordingly. All pieces contain high calorific power so you could be choosing the pieces and place them on different areas of your grill to control temperature depending on your  cooking style.

After some experiences cooking with Briquettes it is possible to predict how many minutes of cooking you will have by the amount of Briquettes used. Briquets are also denser than the average lump charcoal alternative, so a pound of charcoal briquets can take much less space in your grill than a pound of lump wood.

But let’s not forget that you need fuel to light up the Briquettes, which brings you the main difference between both products.

With Lump Charcoal food doesn’t lose its identity, it actually enhances the food’s flavor to a smoky and barbecue taste, while Briquettes will deliver a dish with some fuel flavor after the cooking process.

So, after looking at positive and negative sides of both charcoal types, a possible conclusion would be: Lump Charcoal can be your best friend if you intend to cook with strong and more natural taste.

Briquettes can be very useful when you want to be a bit more accurate with grilling time, even though you’ll need a considerable amount of knowledge to administrate that habilitie. This means that if you are looking for a delicious taste in your food, you have better chances to achieve that with Lump Charcoal.


Benefits of BOB-Q Lump Charcoal

Now that the cards are on the table, why use BOB-Q lump charcoal at your next barbecue? BOB-Q’s charcoal is made from 100% reforested eucalyptus and all production is handled on the same Farm.  Production steps are attentive and every single piece of charcoal is revised before bagging.

Also, caring about the environment BOB-Q Charcoal has all green labels and certifications needed to be considered eco- friendly. As a result you will find a Super Premium product with high calorific power, better temperature control and a longer burning ember.